Jul 23, 2009
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SAQQARA Advantage

Transforming Potential Savings into Actual Savings

SAQQARA is a premier provider of managed service solutions focused on data quality and data management for Item Master Management and e-Procurement. Fortune 500 companies rely on SAQQARA to transform their anticipated savings into actual results.

SAQQARA solutions focus on the most challenging barriers to product and supplier data process management. These include organizing and managing vast quantities of item master and supplier data, taxonomies, contract terms, enabling suppliers on the buying organizations preferred network, and making it easier for end-users to find parts and conform to procurement and sourcing processes. SAQQARA delivers the key operational link between your item master, sourcing programs and procurement solutions. SAQQARA's solutions combine patented best-in-class technology, enterprise-strength IT operations, deep human expertise in content management and procurement, and proven process knowledge.

SAQQARA CDM for Item Master Management is a comprehensive solution –technologyprocess and people – designed specifically to help companies improve the quality and usability of their item master data. With an accurate and up-to-date item master, companies will be able to effectively drive inventory reduction, efficient purchasing, spend analytics, and business intelligence programs. SAQQARA applies fully automated technology with proven processes and people to create a clean and unique master record. We perform duplicate identification and implement processes to correctly populate or re-populate the ERP system of record. SAQQARA meets the challenge head-on by helping companies achieve their data quality goals through Item Master Management by:

  • Creating or enhancing content taxonomies
  • Cleansing legacy data through normalization, attribution, and applying business rules
  • Enriching content through content sourcing

SAQQARA CDM for e-Procurement™ is a scaleable, cost effective, Web-based managed service for supplier enablementcontent management and catalog hosting that accelerates and maximizes the ROI of e-Procurement. SAQQARA helps companies reach their Enterprise Spend Management objectives at any stage:

  • Bring suppliers on board and handle all related supplier management
  • Clean supplier content
  • Incorporate contract terms
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